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The voices below are the part of Malinois singing. Please click on the to listen:

Klokkende (12p)

Bollende (9p)

Rollende (6p)

Chorr, knorr (6p)

Staaltonen (9p)

Fluiten (9p)

Woeten (6p)

Bellen (6p)

Belrol (6p)

Fluitrol (6p)

Tjokken, Tjoks (6p)

Schokkel (3p)

My STAM (514p)

Nightingale's song

1. The voices come from a training tape for new breeders. The tape belongs to Ms Di Mauro Mariella, a judge of Malinois O.M.J.

2. The recording of the sequence of four was done after a local competition in 1997.

3. The Nightingale's voice comes from a recording in 1971.