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Waterslager Malinois Canaries

canaries malinois waterslager

You have been in a website which is the topping off of my efforts that started ten years ago when I firstly concerned myself with the Waterslager Malinois.

At an early age I was interested in any kind of a bird, wild or not, but the Malinois canaries have won my favor because of their great singing.

The purpose of the creation of this website, is to issue my experiences and methods, concerning the Malinois canaries. I hope that I will help anyone interested. Moreover I would like to communicate, exchange ideas or information with anybody who is involved with the Malinois.

To sum up, the main purpose of this website is to help spreading of the Waterslager Malinois canaries.

Ioannis V. Katsikas

Heraklion Crete Greece