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Spring is the best season for all the Canaries in general. We have birds of high scoring which are raised by good parents. Many breeders are mostly interested in buying male Canaries of high scoring and do not pay attention if the Canaries were raised by good parents which, in my opinion, is of great importance.

No matter how good your Canaries are, if they don't feed their nestlings and do not take care of their nest, it's not worth the trouble as they are causing problems and frustration.

The mating begins in april when the day lasts about 13 hours. We can make birds mate earlier under artificial daylight. The light is the reason that the birds want to mate. We prepare the male birds by putting them alone in different cages. 20 days later we prepare the females putting them in spacial cages. We feed the male and female Canaries with eggfood or boiled eggs. In addition we put vitamins in their food or water. However, it is important to the birds not to put weight.

We make couples from the best male and female Canaries which mustn't have been related to each other. Incests have unpleasant results. Maybe not to the first offsprings but surely to the next. We put a nest in or out of the cage where the female is. We also hang some threads on the cage's bar for the bird to build its nest. When the nest is ready (within 2-3 days) we put in the male Canary we have already chosen.

In a few days we will have the first egg which we replace with a fake one. We do the same thing every day. After the fourth or fifth day we put all the eggs back so to be incubated all together. The incubation lasts 13 days. As soon as the young birds come out, both their parents feed them for 27-28 days. We have to add eggfood or eggs and vegetables daily. On the 28th or 29th day we put the youngsters in a different cage feeding them with eggfood and seeds which were soaked into water a day earlier so to become softer.

Many female birds 17-20 days after the incubation prepare the nest so to reproduce eggs. In that case the above procedure is repeated. Some birds mate 3-4 times but, in my opinion, 2 times are enough and the Canaries don't get tired. Good luck!